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The dream:

Growing up, I didn’t have dreams of being an astronaut, a pro-athlete or a pop star icon. I woke up early on Saturday mornings, but not for cartoons: It was all about getting the house to home magazine in The Erie Times Newspaper. I found myself entrenched in my community, interested in the architectural detail around me. Going to Perry Elementary and graduating from the Erie School District in 2011, I was constantly distracted, doodling floor plans in notebooks, and marveling at the homes in view from the back of my mothers old station wagon. 


My family had never moved, and I was not well versed on the process of homeownership. No one in my family had ever had a Realtor, and I was unsure of the role. I spent my teens and early 20s working odd jobs while obtaining a degree in Physical Education from Edinboro University. It had not yet occurred to me that a lifestyle and career in real estate were obtainable for me. 



Aimlessly scrolling on groupon, a family member found a groupon with Alan Kells School of Real Estate. This was my opportunity to earn a career that I would have otherwise not have been able to fund. I remember taking these classes thinking I would never pass. I remember doubting if I would ever sell a house, or own one myself. I believe that you need to do things, with knees knocking, fearful, not being afraid to fail. 


The Journey:

I was 21 when I started and became a full time agent quickly. Recognizing that this passion would make an income and an impact, I was convinced this was my calling. I began and worked alongside Marsha Marsh. I cannot thank Marsha and her family enough for all they have done to help me be successful. After 5 wonderful years with the Marsh Team I had the opportunity to partner with RE/MAX. This national partnership allows me to continue to build the sold by max team with amazing agents like myself. These days I find myself incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been given. It was beyond my wildest dreams to sell a house or two, but to come together to build a team of professionals who are as dedicated and as talented as I am, has made me incredibly proud and humble. I am grateful for where I have come from, lucky to be where I am at now, and I am looking forward to where we are going.



With nearly a decade of experience, maneuvering through a pandemic, I have built a beautiful full service real estate brand which has provided the American dream and has changed so many lives for the better. 



  • First time homebuyers. 

  • Buying and selling simultaneously.

  • Staging & presentation.

  • Estates. I can help your family coordinate the services necessary with estates, and closure of beloved family property. 

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